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Communities in the early settlement period of the 1800's usually set aside a parcel of land for social gatherings to take place. When you travel to Lafayette Square in St. Louis, Missouri, you will see a restoration of colonial homes and shops of impeccable beauty uncased in a park setting with trees, shrubbery, and attractive landscaping, as well as a lake. Touring some of the most exquisite homes in Lafayette Square, will take you back into the past of a more dramatic era of Missouri's early statehood. It was a time when the people of the community worked together to realize spectacular attractions or improvements to their community that would become recognized world wide as a place to visit. The history of Lafayette Square in St. Louis, Missouri, has to be acquired through a visit and on site learning, provided by tours and special activities that will give you a deeper appreciation of how it came be known as Lafayette Square. It is a thriving neighborhood in St. Louis Missouri. St. Louis had its beginning as a French village. Where Lafayette Square is now located, was once a livestock pasture. From its humble beginning to present day, it is one of the oldest cities in Missouri and it has one of the most picturesque neighborhoods to visit.