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Free Things to Do in St. Louis, MO

// Few cities feature as many free attractions or things to do and see as St. Louis. From the Missouri History Museum to the Saint Louis Art Museum, and a ton of things between, there’s plenty to do in St. … Read More

Running Clubs In St. Louis, MO

// Running clubs in St. Louis provide many benefits for those who are conscious about their health and wish to exercise as often as possible. Running groups offer a chance for adults, as well as children, to find people in … Read More

Public Schools In St. Louis, MO

// Of the many schooling options in St. Louis, public schools are, by far, the most affordable. Parents who have low income may also qualify for reduced rates for lunches. Students who have special needs are also well-accommodated in the … Read More

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About Saint Louis

Saint Louis Missouri is the home of the arch, among many other things. Most people think of the famous arch when they think of Saint Louis Missouri. The arch is a symbol for the Gateway to the West, which is what Saint Louis was in the wild west days, and it still is considering its location in the midwest. The Gateway Arch is a must see in Saint Louis Missouri. You can ride to the top and have a beautiful view right over the Mississippi River at 630 ft. up. There are many historic attractions that relate to Lewis & Clark, the explorers that paved the way out west. Take a drive along Route 66 and make some stops in the Saint Louis Missouri region. Forest Park is a beautiful spot with paths to walk, lakes and other attractions to enjoy. There are several free attractions in Saint Louis Missouri, such as the Art Museum, Science Center, Zoo, and the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Grant's Farm is near Saint Louis Missouri and is a good example of a working farm. In Saint Louis Missouri, there is the Magic House and City Museum which the kids and adults will enjoy. There is also an old Indian civilization called Cahokia Mounds that is near Saint Louis Missouri. These are just a few of the interesting things to do and see in Saint Louis Missouri, however, don't forget the city itself. Get to downtown Saint Louis and enjoy the activities of a modern midwestern town.