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Clayton, Missouri is located in St. Louis County in an amazing Metropolitan area. In the business district of Clayton there are upscale condominiums, and extremely large contemporary office buildings that have a total of 500 companies in the area! Shoppers will be in heaven as the enter the city of Clayton, Missouri. With a large variety of shops including jewelers, florists, wine shops, music stores and antique shops, Clayton has every item imaginable to the extreme shopper. While shopping in Clayton, Missouri you have the opportunity to view the natural beauty and exquisite architecture of the city. With a total of 65 restaurants in Clayton, Missouri you and your family is provided with numerous options for delicious and relaxing meals. Every year in Clayton the Taste of Clayton food festival, Parties in the Park and Gallery Nights in Clayton are hosted in the downtown area for residents and guests to indulge in. Clayton, Missouri's education reputation is pristine. With Fonbonne University, three elementary schools, and a high school, Clayton is educationally prepared for many students! St. Louis Library is also located in the mid county branch of Clayton. The library is spacious and filled with uniquely designed art work and antique furniture.